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Mobile remote deposit capture

RDM’s mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) application enables small businesses and corporations of all sizes with a mobile workforce to deposit checks the moment they are received using their Android or iPhone smartphone. Using the phone’s camera, the user captures a photo of the front and back of the check and enters any additional data associated with the check.

RDM’s mobile remote deposit capture application has a simplified and intuitive user interface and workflow that is designed to require little to no training for the user. Users can capture and deposit the checks sooner in the process versus needing to wait for the checks to get back to the office or headquarters location for deposit. Mobile RDC is an excellent solution for contractors, delivery services and equipment suppliers.  Not only is it easy to use, but it takes less than a minute to deposit a check.

Small business and corporate clients can take advantage of the conveniences and cost savings associated with mobile RDC including:

  • Capture the payment right at the point of presentment
  • Extend deposit cut-off times allowing for multiple deposits each day
  • Reduce payment float time, resulting in increased cash flow
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of deposits

Mobile banking is having significant impact on how businesses interact with their customers and do business with their financial institution. Engage RDM’s expertise and eliminate the barriers of mobile payment adoption while accelerating time to market.

Secure and Trusted Platform

As a standalone, brandable RDC service, RDM’s mobile application is an integrated solution of our cloud-based Image & Transaction Management System and requires minimal investment to get started. As an integrated mobile RDC service, our clients can leverage the scale and flexibility of our cloud-based system, or they can choose to integrate our mobile payment solution into their existing online application providing their customers with a seamless banking experience.

RDM’s cloud-based service includes a complete set of risk mitigation tools from reports to deposit limits to advanced authentication. To safeguard financial data, RDM engages trusted third parties to conduct regular audits and penetration testing to ensure our network, applications and processes surpass the stringent standards imposed by our SSAE16 certification.

RDM processes over $600 billion in payments annually and works with four of the top ten banks in the U.S. serving 32 percent of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies. RDM helps financial institutions and corporations increase revenue, expand marketshare and improve customer service for over 80,000 end-users. 

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RDM’s cloud-based Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) application for mid to large sized corporate clients makes it easy to deposit checks and all associated financial documents electronically.

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Point of sale

RDM’s standalone remote deposit capture (RDC) solution for point of sale is a secure, easy to use, check deposit application that resides on RDM’s standalone payment terminal.