Remittance processing

What is Remittance Processing?

Remittance processing, or receivables processing, is the processing and clearing of payments associated with paying a bill. For example, businesses that provide a product or service to customers have transactions that require processing in order for the payment to be received and applied.  This is most common with industries that have remote payments such as insurance providers.

Remittance Processing Solutions

With RDM’s remittance solutions, you have the ability to customize check data fields providing the ability to add associated financial data to each remittance item associated with a check. Our solutions also provide access to an online archive of payments history for up to seven years.

By implementing a remittance processing solution, your organization can:

  • Increase cash flow
  • Improve customer service with access to payments data
  • Generate more recurring revenue
  • Reduce float time associated with payments coming from remote offices or locations, ideal for the traveling workforce

Whether you are processing paper or electronic checks and documents or a combination of both, RDM has a remittance solution to fit your needs.

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