Remote Deposit Capture

Financial institutions and corporations are looking for more cost effective and efficient ways to capture and process payments received at remote locations that result in increased float time and delayed deposits. By deploying a Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution, organizations can save time and money by electronically capturing and depositing payments resulting in increased cash flow and better insight into payments data.

What Is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is the commonly used term for electronically depositing checks at a remote location instead of carrying paper checks to a local bank branch. With RDC, save time and money by reducing or eliminating trips to the bank as well as deposit preparation time.

Gain access to funds faster with the later deposit cut off times associated with RDC.

RDC is inherently more secure than depositing paper checks at the bank. The risk of physically transporting the checks is removed.

By implementing an RDC solution both financial institutions and corporations can:

  • Onboard new end corporate customers
  • Increase revenue streams
  • Expand marketshare without the expense of adding new locations
  • Reduce or eliminate trips to depositing institutions
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce the cost of mailing checks to a central office from remote locations

A secure and trusted platform

RDM’s Remote Deposit Capture solution is now in its fourth generation and is one of the most advanced available in the industry. To safeguard user data, RDM engages trusted 3rd parties to conduct regular audits and penetration testing to ensure that our network, applications and processes surpass the stringent standards imposed by our SAS 70 certification. The solution currently handles more than 18,000 deposit capture locations and processes over three million items every week.

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