Established in 2001, Ensenta is an award winning Silicon Valley pioneer of innovative enterprise-wide, real time SaaS solutions for mobile and online payments and deposits. Over 1,000 financial institutions and government agencies use Ensenta’s patented technologies across their ATM, mobile, online desktop, merchant and branch channels. Our products and services are trusted by the U.S. Treasury and are distributed by leading mobile banking providers, core banking processors, and ATM networks and manufacturers.

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Gizmotech Inc.

Gizmotech is involved in the business of Technical Consulting, Software Systems Engineering, Project Management System, and the integration of software and hardware components. Gizmotech are collaborating with RDM Corporation in the area of automated cheque processing, including the deployment of MICR quality control workstations for the Nigerian Automated Clearing System.

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Since the early 1990’s VeriCheck has offered check verification and guarantee servicesto clients. ACH and remote deposit capture solutions were added in 2001 with Check 21 capability soon to follow. VeriCheck offers scalable check and ACH processing solutions to merchants primarily through its reseller channel.

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