Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

Every financial institution needs a cost effective and efficient way to capture and process payments received at remote locations and that is where Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) comes into play. We understand the challenges you might have such as increasing recurring revenue without adding additional branch locations, the ability to better serve your corporate customers and increased visibility into payments data.

With RDC, your financial institution will benefit from reduced payment float times, be able to better adhere to risk and compliance regulations set by the FFIEC and the ability to more efficiently onboard corporate customers in a timely manner.

There are multiple benefits that can be received from deploying an RDC solution and they are:

  • Faster access to funds with later deposit cut-off times
  • Enhance security and protect from fraud
  • Increase your ability to service new end corporate customers
  • Overall increased revenue streams
  • Increase market share without the expense of adding new locations resulting in more positive cash flow
  • And more….

A Secure and Trusted Platform

RDM’s Remote Deposit Capture solution is in its fourth generation and is one of the most advanced RDC solutions available in the industry. With more than 18,000 deposit capture locations and over three million items processed weekly, security of our RDC solution is a top priority. RDM engages trusted 3rd parties that conduct regular audits and penetration testing on all our networks, applications and processes to ensure that we surpass the stringent standards imposed by our SSAE 16 certification.

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