RDM Corporation (Research, Development and Manufacturing Corporation) is a technology company that has helped standardize the global check printing and processing industry.

  • Located in Waterloo Ontario, Canada
  • Developing MICR and print quality control solutions since 1987

We challenge the status quo by raising the bar with more efficient technologies.

We are the experts in the areas of:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Check Scanners
  • Check Image Processing
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) E13B and CMC-7
  • Remote Deposit Capture (Check 21)
  • Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)
  • Check Truncation
  • Check Image Quality Assurance

Industry Standards

We are innovative hardware and software solutions developers that have helped to set and reinforce worldwide check industry standards, including:

  • ANSI X9.100-20 for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
  • ANSI ANSI X9.100-30 for Image Quality Assurance (IQA)
  • ISO fpr CMC-7 Print Quality (1004)
  • ISO for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) A\B (1073-1, 1073-2)
  • ISO For Print Specification OCR A\B (1831)

We help maintain and expand these standards to the ever-changing payment industry needs.


We consult with many types and sizes of companies on how our MICR & print quality solutions can solve their print quality problems:

Continuous of RDM Services

Security Printers

Building of RDM Services

Financial Institutions Check Operations

Print of RDM Services

MICR Printer Manufacturers (Laser, Inkjet)

Scan of RDM Services

Check Scanner Manufacturers

Institution of RDM Services


Legal of RDM Services

Government Agencies

Toner of RDM Services

MICR Toner Manufacturers

Industry Patents

We hold several hardware related industry patents:

  • Small Document Image Capture and Processing Device with MICR and Printing Capabilities
  • Document Processing Device
  • Apparatus and Method for Presenting Both Faces of a Document for Processing
  • Check and other Item Design for Reflectance Values
  • Determination prior to Item Manufacture
  • Dynamic Print Contrast Signal Determination for Paper Document
  • Comparison of Optical and Magnetic Character Data for Identification of Character Defect Type
  • Optical Waveform Generation and use based on Printed Characteristics of MICR Data of Paper Documents

Patent of RDM Services

We also license our technology. For example, Epson licenses our proprietary MICR recognition technology for its CaptureOne line of check scanners

Our Solutions

Our check scanner and print quality control solutions are a vital part of the complete lifecycle of a check.

Design of RDM Services > of RDM Symbols Print of RDM Services > of RDM Symbols Image Capture > of RDM Symbols Reject Analysis > of RDM Symbols Clearing of RDM Services

Check Scanners

Our check scanners have been proven to have one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry with life expectancy of over 5 years or 1 million documents under normal usage with less than 1% field failure rate.

Depending on your needs, we offer two categories of check scanners:

Network Check Scanners with Driverless Installation

EC9600i \ EC9700i series – the world’s simplest of check scanners.

  • Zero software to install
  • Plug-and-play capability that work in any environment
  • Compact, multifunctional, secure, efficient and affordable
  • Range of single-feed and batch-feed models to accommodate business workflows
  • Proven to lower the costs of installation and on-going support by over 50%

USB Driver-based Check Scanners

EC9100i series

  • Compact, multifunctional, efficient and affordable
  • Range of single-feed and batch-feed models to accommodate business workflows

MICR & Print Quality Control Systems

The world’s ONLY quality control testing equipment for the check printing industry

  • Considered as the standard for testing MICR, OCR and image print quality
  • Provides technical analysts with the “tools-of-the-trade” for detailed testing and reporting
  • Automates the testing functions with consistency of results to ensure compliance with the standards

QCX tester

  • Takes the guess work out of MICR and image print quality testing
  • Performs simultaneous magnetic and optical testing in a single system to ANSI and ISO standards

QCV testers

  • Provide pass/fail testing in a convenient, compact, portable devices
  • Traditional MICR testers perform magnetic-only testing to ANSI standards