RDM Scanner Control Interface (RDM SCI API)

Our simplified high-level scanner programming interface “RDM SCI”, enables application developers to quickly integrate and certify any RDM scanner with their web-based or “thick” application in only a few days – unparalleled in the industry.

Depending on the capabilities of the specific RDM scanner, RDM SCI helps an application to:

  • Capture the front and back images of checks and small remittance items that exceed industry quality and usability standards
  • Read MICR line (E13B) with greater than 99% accuracy for MICR read rates using RDM’s Progressive MICR Method
  • Perform OCR recognition on OCR A and B font types for remittance processing applications
  • Frank checks – deface the front of paper checks to confirm check has been scanned for deposit
  • Physically print endorsement information on the back of the paper check
  • Virtual endorse the back of a check image
  • Scan the front and back of cards such as ID cards such as Driver’s Licenses
  • Read magnetic stripes (MSR) on cards
  • Print receipts on integrated receipt printer models


  • Minimizes the number of commands required per scanning transaction
  • Simplifies the scan cycle configuration
  • Provides developers with high-level commands that directly map to the application data flow rather than to the operational details of the scanner
  • Includes a sample code generator to speed up the coding process with accuracy
  • Provides a future-proofed, common interface to all RDM USB driver-based scanners, RDM EC9600i and EC9700i driverless network scanners, with no coding required to migrate from one model to another

Fast application integration and certification

Feedback from application developers who have integrated and certified RDM scanners with their applications has been positive and said to be a developer’s delight. In fact integrating RDM scanners into applications usually takes less than a few days including QA testing.

RDM Application Development Kit (RDM ADK)

The RDM ADK provides application developers with the tools and documentation needed to easily integrate RDM branded USB scanners (EC9100i, EC9000i “Connect”, EC7500i and EC7000i), with Windows-based check scanning applications.

• Sample application code
• Middleware
• USB drivers for RDM scanners (non-network scanners)
• Utility applications
• Developer documentation

Ranger® from Silver Bullet Technologies (SBT)

An alternative method to integrate RDM scanners with your application is by using the Ranger API, from Silver Bullet Technologies (SBT). Ranger® is a universal check scanner interface which allows check scanner software applications to “plug-and-play” with check scanners.

RDM’s complete family of check scanners are supported by the Ranger interface in the following manner:

Ranger Remote Embedded

  • RDM’s EC9600i Ranger Network scanner series is the industry’s first check scanner embedded with Silver Bullet Technology’s Ranger Remote universal scanner interface, which eliminates the need to install Ranger components on a workstation.

Ranger Plug-in

  • The Ranger Scanner Plug-in API is an internal Ranger interface which allows scanner manufacturers and Silver Bullet engineers to add Ranger support for new check scanning devices.
  • The following RDM scanners are certified with Silver Bullet’s Ranger API Plug-in: EC9100i, EC9000i, EC7500i and EC7000i series.
  • The EC9600i Network Scanner series is also certified for use with the Ranger Plug-in for applications not yet supporting direct integration of the embedded Ranger Remote capability of the EC9600i Ranger Network scanner.