MICR & image quality control

RDM’s image quality control systems perform simultaneous magnetic and optical tests to fulfill all MICR and image testing requirements in a single system. This single-system approach makes it easy for the user to understand and for a technical analyst to appreciate all of the tools available for detailed testing and reporting.

The software:

  • Performs the testing and analysis for you
  • Reports MICR and image failures and warnings based on specific country standards
  • Provides the ability to create custom alerts and screen pop-ups so that issues are reported/emailed to management and press operators are advised of required actions

Benefits of a quality control solution include:

  • Upgradeable software offers a friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Simultaneous magnetic and optical MICR testing
  • Image readiness testing
  • Custom layouts for MICR and image
  • Test log files for statistical analysis
  • Test alerts and screen pop-up warnings

ANS X9 standards require that dimension issues be analyzed optically creating a problem for a magnetic tester. Manually checking character dimensions is time consuming and often requires a judgment call that can create issues between check printers and bank analysts.

RDM offers two MICR & image quality control systems:

  • QCX system – combines both magnetic and image technology to test, analyze and report on the quality of MICR characters magnetically and optically to the ANS X9 standards
  • QCV system – a traditional MICR tester performing a magnetic examination providing a pass/fail test

To learn how you can benefit from RDM’s quality control system, contact us.

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