Franker Cartridge | Item # 6000-6065

Franking provides a visual confirmation that the check has been electronically captured for processing. When a document is franked a fixed message “Electronically Presented” is physically stamped in red ink along the face of a document.

Most RDM scanner models are franker-enabled. Before you can use this optional feature, you will need to confirm that your check scanner and the scanning application supports franking and is enabled for it.

The franker ink roll has a shelf life of 1 year if it is kept sealed in its package and stored at room temperature. Out of the package it will typically last 6 months with approximately 15,000 impressions (2.5 impressions per check) = 6,500 – 7,000 checks.

Franker Cartridge

HP6602A – HP Inkjet Endorser Cartridge | Item # 6000-6060

A single-line endorsement message can be printed on the back of a check when the appropriate inkjet cartridge is installed. The HP inkjet has a shelf life of 2 years and has an ink yield of 7,000,000 characters. Certain EC9100i and EC9600i scanners have the optional feature of inkjet endorsement, please confirm your check scanning application supports rear endorsement and is enabled for it.

HP Inkjet Endorser Cartridge

RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit – Box of 12 cards and wipes | Item # 6000-6070

The ScannerCare cleaning kit contains 12 RDM Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards and 12 Cleaning Wipes. This kit is designed specifically for cleaning RDM check scanners. Used as part of preventative maintenance, the RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit can help eliminate the dirt that builds up through regular use and keep your scanner operating at peak performance.

Cleaning is recommended once per month, or whenever document feed or image quality issues are detected.

RDM ScannerCare Cleaning Kit