EC9100i series scanner


The EC9100i® series check scanners are affordable, compact, and efficient. The multifunctional capabilities of the scanners enable your business to capture and process any combination of payment types including: checks, remittances, payment cards, loyalty cards and ID cards. They also offer check defacement, endorsement and receipt printing capabilities – all on a single device.

The EC9100i series check scanners deliver industry leading MICR read rates and superior image quality which surpass industry requirements. With multiple models to choose from, one small multifunctional device can capture checks, remittances, payment cards, ID cards or print receipts.

Available in both single-feed (SF) and auto-feed (AF) models, the EC9100i scanners are designed to fit your workflow volumes and are priced to fit your budget. The AF series models enable batch scanning at speeds up to 30 or 90 documents per minute (dpm).

Model comparison

Standard features
Single feed models Auto feed models
Single-pass, duplex document imaging
Crisp, clear binary images that exceed the industry’s quality and usability requirements
Duplex ID card imager – enables data capture from driver’s license and other IDs
MICR read rates with better than 99% accuracy – means fewer rejected checks
Collection pocket – holds up to 60 documents and maintains document scanning order
Franker stamps message on face of checks – reduces fraud and mitigates risk
USB 2.0 – offers fast data transfer to PCs
30-document feeder – meets the needs of most batch scanning workflows
Endorser – applies physical message to rear of checks (inkjet print cartridge required)
2-port USB hub – extends PC connectivity to support peripheral devices such as EMV PIN pad and signature capture pads
Optional features
Single feed models Auto feed models
Encryption-capable, 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) – extends data capture capabilities and provides added security of sensitive data captured
Virtual image endorsement – applies message to rear image of checks electronically
OCR A&B font recognition license – automates data capture for walk-in bill-payment processing
Front-mounted, 3” thermal receipt printer


Physical dimensions Depth
• Minimum: 9.3” (237mm) with
retracted extensions
• Maximum: 12.25” (311mm)
• Non-MSR units: 6.0” [154mm]
• MSR units: 6.2” [157mm]
• Non-printer units: 6.9” [175mm]
• Printer units: 9.65” [245mm]
Document size
(preferred paper weight: 20 to 32 lb)
• Minimum: 2“ [50.8mm]
• Maximum: 4” [101.6mm]
• Minimum: 4” [101.6mm]
• Maximum: 9” [228.60mm]
Feeder speeds • EC9111/12 – single-feed (SF): Single document up to 30 dpm
• EC9103/4/7/8 – auto-feed (AF): Up to 30 dpm batch feed
• EC9103/4/7/8 – auto-feed (AF): Up to 90 dpm batch feed
Image capture Duplex document imaging
• Tiff 6.0 file format
• 200 DPI – 400 DPI for ID scan
• Grayscale with JPEG (or no) compression
• Bi-level with CCITT Group 4 (ITU T.6) (or no) compression
Communication ports High speed USB 2.0 (480 MBits/sec) on allmodels
Built-in 2 port hub (except EC9111f and EC9112f)
Supported operating systems Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Warranty 2-year standard warranty
Life-expectancy 5 years under normal usage
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